Speed and Security with APIs

Our API solutions turn your outsourcing experience with Supahands from great to super by providing an even faster and more secure workflow.


An API is like a bridge between 2 (or more) applications, allowing them to interact with each other seamlessly. Hence with APIs, users will only need to use 1 application to interact with multiple applications at the same time.

In our case, when a client outsources data work to Supahands and implements an API, this acts as a link that allows our remote workforce of SupaAgents to execute projects without directly accessing the client's platform.

API system
API system

For example, if you had to verify thousands of receipts that are being submitted to your platform on a daily basis, Supahands can work on verifying the images of the receipts on the Supahands platform via the secure gateway that is created by the API.

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API security


SupaAgents can work with the client’s data only through controlled access to Supahands’ platform, minimising the risk of data leakages.

API realtime


APIs introduce an automated way to send a client’s task to SupaAgents and receive the results in real time rather than in batches.

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