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Supahands makes outsourcing accessible to businesses around the world by combining our crowdsourced workforce with technology. Project Managers work with inventive tools to oversee your work and manage an elastic team of SupaAgents so that you don’t have to.



Get your content moderation, lead generation, data management and online support done by our curated team of crowdsourced workers, individually selected by your dedicated Project Manager.


We specialise in helping you launch and scale up projects quickly and effectively. Our elastic workforce allows us to execute changes with speed without affecting the quality of work.


Implement a suite of tech offerings according to your needs. Concerned about speed and security? We can use APIs. Curious about how we manage our remote workforce? We’ve built our own platform to do it seamlessly.


Have a project for us that isn’t one of the options? We’re always happy to discuss!

Lead Generation
What they do

A global ride-sharing platform that matches riders with willing drivers.

What they needed

To expand on their product offerings, they wanted to venture into the food delivery business and needed a list of restaurants in a specific city region.

How we helped

We conducted online research using various platforms to gather a list of restaurants together with specific contact information broken down into districts, gathered exact address together with contact information.

Key results

Complete list of 800+ restaurants in less than 100 hours with no duplicates that they could use immediately to promote their new product.

What they do

An online platform that allows students to gather and compare universities from across the globe.

What they needed

To provide a rich description and options of degrees from local and global universities on their website.

How we helped

Based on the company's Customer Management Systems (CMS) requirements, we gathered the specific information needed from individual universities by navigating through the websites pages.

Key results

In-depth information on 1,500 universities and 15,000 courses were uploaded into their system in the span of 2,000 hours.

What they do

An E-commerce platform selling beauty products.

What they needed

To gather feedback from existing clients on the purchasing experience on their website that will enable them to make customer experience improvements.

How we helped

We conducted weekly surveys by calling their customers and gathered their responses to a set of questions.

Key results

3,500 feedback were collected to provide their team with valuable insights into their users.

What they do

An online stock photo provider.

What they needed

To process new user-generated images for the website.

How we helped

Using the company's backend system and a set of guidelines that were provided to us, we approved or rejected photos submitted to them.

Key results

98, 000 images were processed over the span of 3 months which ensured a steady flow of content provided to the website's users.

Brands Powered by Supahands

1. Consult

Great relationships always start with great conversations. We’ll speak to you so we know your needs and requirements.

2. Establish KPIs & SOPs

KPIs and SOPs are set and agreed upon by both yours and our teams. This is so we know exactly what we’re doing to make your life easier!

3. Delegate

Our Project Managers begin delegating your project to our pool of SupaAgents and get the manpower ready for the launch.

4. Launch

The project launches and we get cracking on executing and meeting your goals.

5. Monitor

To make sure that everything runs smoothly, Project Managers will monitor and perform quality checks on all work produced by the SupaAgents.

6. Deliver

The results of the work done on your project will be reported and delivered to you by our team and we get ready to see a big smile on your face.

7. Celebrate

Do a celebration dance as you realise how much time you’ve saved yourself after seeing what we’ve achieved together! (Dance steps not included)


Joel Neoh


“Supahands has been essential for the initial scaling of KFit's supply base. The team has been responsive, open to feedback and actively reach out to see how else they can help us. Their attention to detail and continuous need to improve has allowed us to build our partner base in 9 cities already. Thanks Team Supahands”

Teresa Truda


“Supahands saves our lives, daily. They are Supa-human and always there to help with any tasks we give them, like admin assistance, data entry and just general business support. The team is friendly, approachable, reliable and work hard to make sure they exceed our expectations. Love working with these guys.”

Karl Loo


“Working with Supahands has been a great help to our team. Given our service's unique requirements, they've been not only been accommodative but extremely responsive and flexible with their resource planning. As a growing business, the ability to adapt to our changing needs is truly valuable to us.”

Troy Erstling


“I have worked with a lot of VA's in the past few years from US to India and Philippines, all with varying levels of quality. Supahands has been, by far, the best service I have used to date. They have excellent communication, always ask for clarification when needed, and are always willing to add new skill sets that they haven't tried before. I personally recommend Supahands with enthusiasm!”

Jonathan Oh

Freshcart Grocer

“Supahands saved us heaps of time and costs by completing time-consuming business tasks that we'd rather not do. The best thing about Supahands? It's the team and the project managers that always deliver above our expectations. They immerse themselves into our business process, allowing us to constantly look for ways to improve it together. It's been an awesome experience!”


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