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Innovating the Way Our Users Work

Supahands is made up of three key areas - our global clients across different countries from Sweden to Hong Kong, our suite of proprietary tech solutions, and our SupaAgents. They each play a key role in driving our vision to innovate the way people work - for businesses and individuals alike.


There is no industry that won’t be able to benefit from what we have to offer. We have served various companies from the automotive resellers to financial institutions. How do you know if Supahands is for your company?

Tech-driven solutions excite you

Your company celebrates innovative digital solutions and is looking for something that can connect seamlessly with your systems while ensuring security and efficiency.

Scaling fast is a priority

It’s “crunch time” for your business and you need to grow fast. Hiring takes too much time and you need to find an effective solution without compromising on quality.

The work is simple but high in volume

Your employees are wasting hundreds of hours of precious time at the office executing tedious work instead of focusing on driving key strategic areas of the business.

Business Innovation

We’re in the business of innovating the way people work with our suite of proprietary tech solutions. Our goal is to provide access to a combination of humans and machines as an answer to the issues that would commonly appear with traditional outsourcing methods.

With machine learning becoming increasingly useful for businesses to create a unique experience for their users, it’s important to find the right partner that can prepare large volumes of quality training data quickly and accurately. With our large and extremely scalable workforce, we have the people with a variety of skillsets including multi-lingual fluency, image annotation, video annotation, transcription and more.

Machine Learning
Supahands Data Security

For extra security measures, our platform is ready to communicate with yours through an API. On top of that, your data set goes through data slicing processes before it is distributed to the fleet that’s assigned to work on your project.

Supahands Workforce
Supahands Workforce

The people behind all the large volumes of work that we execute are known as our SupaAgents. Hailing from around Southeast Asia, they consist of mostly stay-at-home mothers, professionals and students. For some, it’s a place to earn additional income. For others, it’s more than a temporary gig.

SupaAgents enjoy the perks of working remotely and flexibly without the constraints of a 9 to 5 workday. This also allows work to be done at all hours without facing the interruptions that would typically affect an in-house employee.

How Good Are Our SupaAgents?

Our recruitment process involves different stages of curation to ensure that we’re able to match the fast pace of our clients while delivering the best results. First, all SupaAgent applications include a compulsory assessment that they can choose depending on their skill set. Most of our SupaAgents are university graduates or are currently in the process of pursuing a degree.

Southeast Asia’s cultural diversity is reflected in our multi-lingual capabilities as the SupaAgents are capable of speaking over 30 languages in total, with English as our primary operating language.

Then, the task force for a project is assembled by a Project Manager based on the assessments that the SupaAgents have passed, their performance ratings and their availability. The combined experience of our workforce that spans across 30 different industries from Medical to Telecommunications means that quality is our main focus when we produce work.

Interested in joining our SupaAgent team? Click here here to apply.

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We specialise in handling large volumes of data-related work. Our Enterprise prices depend on the nature of the project, so speak to us either via Live Chat or submit a contact form by clicking on the link below now! We guarantee:

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