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Want to earn extra on the side?

Becoming a SupaAgent means getting the freedom to earn money by helping multiple companies achieve their goals. Better yet, work from any place, at any time. Join the SupaFamily community today!

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Extra Earnings

Earn more by completing all available tasks. Happy clients mean more tasks!

Work Remotely

Wherever you are, with just your computer and internet connection, you’re good to go!


As a perk of being a SupaAgent, you get to enjoy exclusive deals from our partners.

Flexible Hours

Morning person or a night owl, enjoy the flexibility of starting the day at your convenience.

Learning Experience

Discover your talents and learn new skills as you take on different types of projects.

Meet SupaAwesome People

Be part of a diverse community and connect with amazing people from all walks of life!


Earn More

Earn as much income as you want by completing more tasks. Happy clients means more tasks sent in!

Work Anywhere

Whether you're at home or at a beach, as long as you have your computer and internet connection, you can earn.

Great Rewards

Supahands loves high performers. Wow us with your skills and you'll be rewarded.

Flexible Hours

Not a morning person? Start your day at any time you want.

Learning Experience

Discover new skills that you never thought you had.

Meet SupaAwesome People

You could be helping the next big tech entrepreneur take his or her company to new heights.

SupaAgent Casual
Take the assignment

Get qualified by completing our online assessment.

Complete Onboarding

Plug in your details, get verified and get started.

Join projects

Request to join any available tasks you’re interested in.

Get Workin’ & Paid!

Complete tasks and receive your earnings monthly.


Our clients need our help! And you won't be alone. Work with a curated team of SupaAgents and project managers by taking care of the nature of tasks below.

Verifying receipts
Verify receipt details
Data entry
Enter data into spreadsheets
Image tagging
Approve/Reject images
Customer support
Handle live customer chats
SupaAgent Casual
SupaAgent Casual

Supahands thrives on diversity, we welcome people of all ages and from all types of backgrounds and experiences. Our SupaAgents consist of working professionals, university students, stay-at-home parents, retirees... We could go on. So why not join us and meet them for yourself?


We are a diverse company that welcomes everyone regardless of age, experience or background. Our SupaAgents consist of working professionals, students, stay-at-home parents, retirees... We could go on. So why don't you join us and meet them for yourself?

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